3 Ideas In Choosing A Marquee Hire In Melbourne

When having a party, this means that you will need a lot of supplies and materials to ensure that you will have an enjoyable and memorable event. Some of the things to prepare are the tables and chairs, crockery, drink dispensers, food and catering service needs and a marquee for your guests especially if you are going to have the party outdoors. There are a lot of marquee hire in Melbourne that you can find on the internet. To hire the right marquee, you just have to consider a few things. Here are some those.

Number of guests

The first aspect to consider is the number of guests you intend to invite on your party. This detail will determine the size of marquee that you should hire. Make sure that the marquee can accommodate not just your guests but the tables and chairs, table for food, stage, dance floor if there is one and other items that consume space. There are marquee that are smaller in size such as 4x3m while there are those that are suitable for larger crowd or 10x18m in size.

Style or design

If you have already determined the size of marquee hire in Melbourne, the next thing to identify is the style of the tent. You can find marquees of different styles. There are those that are suited for formal occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays or wedding celebrations while there are marquees for less formal events such as company parties or family reunions. Choose the marquee that suits your occasion.

Season or weather

Find out what the expected weather is on the day of your event including the current season. If your party happens to be on a summer, a marquee with high ceiling and better ventilation would be most suitable for you. Choose an adjustable marquee hire in Melbourne or one with walls that can be loosen to allow air to flow freely on a hot weather. There are also marquees that can be used with air-conditioning system and other forms of ventilation such as industrial fan. Consult the contractor for better ideas on which marquee to hire.