3 Reasons To Book Your Next Adventure In 5 Star Hotel In Patong

Nothing compares to the luxury that you can get out of booking in a 5 star hotel in Patong or even in other parts of Thailand. Aside from the luxurious accommodation found distinctly in 5 star hotels, you can also enjoy the following advantages:

Efficient hotel staff

You can easily tell if you are in a 5 star hotel by the way they deliver their services. Booking in a 5 star hotel means you would get automatic services and perks that are usually offered in other hotels for a fee. These services include valet parking, concierge, 24/7 room service and an exclusive butler to be assigned for your needs. The moment you check in at a 5 star hotel, you will be provided immediately with a 24 hour room service along with a dedicated butler for your every room service requirements.

Guaranteed stronger security

Another reason to book in a5 star hotel in Patong is its guarantee of better security service. 5 star hotels are stringentwith their security service because they have celebrities and royalties for their guests. Such very important personalities are conscious of their privacy and it is important for them to remain discreet. Luxurious hotels are equipped with high-end security and surveillance cameras that are strategically situated within the hotel premises. Aside from that, you can also find well trained in-house security personnel round the clock. 5 star hotels are also equipped with safe deposit boxes giving their guests additional peace of mind that their valuables are safe while they are booked in the hotel.


Booking in a5 star hotel in Patong means you will experience the luxurious enjoyed by celebrities and allthe world class facilities that can only be found in 5 star hotels. There are different types of accommodations offered in 5 star hotels. There are presidential suites, pool villas and standard accommodations with contemporary furnishings and rich beddings. To get more information about the hotel and their services, visit the hotel’s website and check its gallery and reviews.