5 Gifts Men Should Never Give Women On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has always been perceived as the day where couples can freely express their love without limits. It is a day for sickly sweet love to overflow in the streets; a day filled with roses, teddy bears and chocolates. But while it is a day where couples are celebrated, it is actually a day mostly for women.

During Valentine’s Day, it is a man’s job to make her girl feel special. This day is the perfect opportunity for men to express how much they appreciate all the things that their better halves have brought to their lives. That is why it would be the worst day for you to get into argument with your girl just because you didn’t make her feel special enough by buying the wrong gifts. So to help you avoid that unfortunate quarrel, here are some of the gifts that you should avoid giving the special women of your lives on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Car Accessories. Yes, men are obsessed with cars. But that doesn’t mean your girl is too. While your girl may love her auto, you don’t want to buy her a car accessory because they are the exact opposite of romantic unless your girl drives for a living. Avoid steer covers, seat covers, or fuzzy dices and as much as possible, avoid practical gifts because they don’t work well with Valentine’s Day.
  2. Gift Cards. This is Valentine’s Day, a day where you should make her feel special. Giving her gift cards would be the lamest thing to do unless it involves the two of you in a spa, relaxing together.
  3. Self Help Books. Even if your love is a bookworm, self help books are a slap to her ego, even when she does need it. Instead, why not go for a book from an author she adores?
  4. While you may think this is the best way to go. It actually isn’t. If you get her a size too big for her, she’d think you think her as fat. If you buy a size too small, she’d think she’s fat. Nope, it’s just too risky.
  5. Cleaning Tools. The last thing you’d want to do is to stereotype her or remind her of her duties to the house.

Instead, why not take her out for a romantic dinner? Or you could both go on a relaxing trip together. If you don’t have the time for that, you can always get her a bouquet of roses and her favorite chocolates covered in a box made by Paper Mart.