A Guide In Managing Tradeshow Logistics And Marketing

Every company joining a trade show would always want it smooth sailing. However, this objective is not achievable if you do not have a good plan for the event. You need to create, follow, and implement a good timeline if you want to manage in a breeze your marketing and logistics.

An important item in your planning is getting an efficient tradeshow logistics to handle the shipment of your booth and materials safely and on time. You can search on the internet many tradeshow logistics; however, you must also check the reputation of the company from reliable sources for your safety.

How to manage your tradeshow logistics

  • Create a timeline

Creating your timeline must include your goals, marketing messages of the graphics, messages of the team, and promotional campaign. Remember your timeline should also answer the question on why you are doing it, not just what things are to be done for a better effect.

  • What to do a few months away
  • Review your past objectives and match them with the current ones. Did you meet your past objectives? Did they have a positive effect on sales?
  • Create a budget and check the tradeshow map. See the schedule and check on the areas that need your attention.
  • Evaluate the present tradeshow displays. Were they able to help your past marketing objectives? Do you need to upgrade your booth and accessories?
  • Is it possible for you to have an interactive exhibit? You can integrate technology and provide better information to the people.
  • Think about possible promotions you can offer as you come closer to your tradeshow. You need to brainstorm and discuss this issue with your team.
  • A month to some few weeks away
  • Order your promotions and send them out. Ensure having all the materials in the tradeshow.
  • Make a list of inventories of your materials in the tradeshow.
  • Gather all your leads and meet up with your group to check on the status of the areas done.
  • Tradeshow day

Get early to the venue, even one day before to save time. Keep track of your objectives and see if you achieved your required attendance. You can take pictures for documentation purposes.

  • After the tradeshow

This is the time to analyze and evaluate your performance on the show. Meet with your group and discuss all areas. Get suggestions to be implemented in the next exhibit.

Proper management of your tradeshow would give you positive results. You can gauge your future exhibit based on your performance of the current tradeshow.