Acoustic Fences To Reduce Traffic Noise Along M 40

One of the challenges that households need to overcome is to how reduce traffic noise in your house to be also to sleep soundly. Living in urban cities has its share benefits but modern traffic problem has become a nuisance. Even if local governments and state regulatory agencies are trying their best to curb noise pollution, the decibel levels are still unacceptable.

Traffic noise reduction from M40 is currently underway to reduce the discomfort of residents across Buckinghamshire. Residents will soon experience the effects when the construction of noise-reducing barriers is completed at 8 locations. Work on 11.5 miles of motorway is expected to be completed by spring including the repair of electronic cables and the replacement of signage which are all taking place at the same time.

Noise pollution is generated by heavy traffic which causes stress to homeowners living near the motorways. The noise-reducing barriers or acoustic fences will act as a barrier for the noise generated. Construction of the noise barriers is part of a £3.5 million investment by Highways England. A total of £61.4 million will be spent on the improvement and maintenance of major roads on the eastern part of the country.

David Owen, project manager of Highways England says that they are happy to be able to deliver the new barriers that will reduce traffic noise for the people living in the 8 locations. With the resurfacing work that is already completed, real improvements will be enjoyed by communities along M 40. After vegetation has been cleared out Owen expects the barriers to start going up. A site compound will also be established at to reduce traffic noise in your house

The project is being developed by Highways England in partnership with M40 Chiltern Environmental Group, Wycombe District Council and South Oxfordshire District Council. People however should expect hard shoulder closures and some land closures while work is being done.

There are many innovations to soundproofing to solve the challenges on how to reduce traffic noise in your house and allow you some peace and quiet. Windows can be soundproofed against traffic noise or thermawood can be used to retrofit a double glazing system for best results.