All You Need To Know About The Footy

Australian football League or the Aussie rules is the most loved and enjoyed sport in the country. The best level of the footy is on display in the AFL championship. The AFL consists of 18 teams, ten are from Victoria and the rest of the eight teams come from Queensland, Western Australia, Southern Australia and New South Wales.

The Home and away season starts in autumn every year. AFL fans shop for the merchandise of their favourite teams from AFL merchandise stores and online stores.

The AFL match is played on a grassy oval field which is double the size of a regular football field. Each end of the field has four goal posts, two large posts are called as goal posts and two shorter posts are the behind posts, which are placed at an equidistance of 6.5 metres from each other. Players kick, tap or handball the ball to put it through the goal posts.

The AFL team consists of eighteen players on the field plus four additional players in the interchange. The additional players replace the main players when they are injured or when they need rest between the match.

Players are awarded points when they put the ball through the goal post of the opponent’s team. If the ball goes through the larger goal post at the centre, the team gets 6 points and if the ball goes to the shorter poles behind the main posts, the teams get one point. The game is played in four quarters of 20 minutes each. At the beginning of each quarter, the umpire bounces the ball at the centre of the ground. The team which gets the maximum number of points at the final siren is declared the winner of the match.

Teams have to play 23 rounds of Home and away matches before they reach the final round. The top eight teams of these preliminary rounds reach the finals. Teams play four rounds of finals to qualify the most anticipated grand finale of the AFL.

Now that you know the basics, you can follow this unique and interesting game, loved by the Australians. Go ahead and shop for your favourite team jerseys and caps at AFL merchandise stores or online stores in Australian and enjoy the match with friends.