Art Shared Among Unfortunate Kids In Delaware

The art community of Wilmington started a campaign in order to share among the unfortunate children in the area who are in need of healing. Delaware College of Art and Design’s faculty and staff together with students, who are known to make personalised art, donated kits consisting of clays, crayons and coloring books which will be given to kids who have been victims of childhood trauma.

According to Kayla Navarro, a freshman graphic design student, kids are very creative thus they have to express themselves or it seems like they have never enjoyed their childhood. She said that art helped her release her stress and the campaign hopes that the kids will be able to have an outlet as well.

The campaign was a part of the Arts Kits program started by Emma. Emma Stumpf is a resident of Indiana and she was only 7 years old when she began the project. From there, she found out that art serves as a healing session for her as she was a brain cancer patient who was receiving treatment. She decided to give out art kits to all the sick children within the hospital because she wants them to enjoy the healing effect of art.

Emma is now a teenager and was the champion of the Lead 360 ideas contest by the Jefferson Awards Foundation. The reward is given to young individuals that presented innovative ideas which started service campaigns. The public are the ones who cast their vote to determine the winner. Voting is done through social media campaign.

Jefferson Awards Foundation’s national director, Michele Fidance, said that the award was compelling due to the fact that Emma felt the award to be personal. She believed that the process helped her and aims to help other people as well.

The winning service project of the specific year were participated in by mayors all over the nation. For this year, Wilmington city decided to collaborate with DCAD, Artarama by Jerry and Bank of America. The kits were given to various kids’ organizations. Through sharing art, the kids might enhance their creativity to make personalised art one day in the future.