Australia’s Wedding Businesses One Year After Legalization Of Same-Sex Marriage

Alex Greenwich, an independent MP, has been vocal for a decade of his unwavering support to legalize same-sex marriage in the country. He was there when the end came for the same-sex marriage debate; he saw how the voting unfolds and the result afterwards. He along with wedding-related businesses and wedding planner in Sydney felt the overwhelming experience after the battle and love turned out to be the winner.

Aside from the overwhelming happiness, he said that he felt relief because the campaign is over for him and finally he’ll witness same-sex couples getting the marriage they have wanted for so long. Not only did love won, but small businesses were also winners with the legalization of same-sex marriage. Since the result of the voting, around 5,500 same-sex couples have already wed one another which meant more than 100 same-sex marriage weekly.

Mr. Greenwich said that an average wedding in the country will cost $20,000. There is no question that thousands of weddings have brought a lot to the small businesses in Australia.

Melissa Soncini is a marriage celebrant and she said that in the past year she has celebrated more than 120 weddings already. It was higher than the previous years by 20 per cent. She attributed it to the passing of the same-sex marriage legislation and she believes that the number will only continue to rise as the years go by.

Out of the weddings she has presided in the last year, 19 are of same-sex couples. She expects more to come since weddings take a lot of time to prepare and there are couples that need more than just months to get everything together. In order to land one of the best venues in Sydney, the couple needs to book at least two years before the wedding date if it is to be held on a Saturday.

Frank Farrugia, a wedding photographer, said that the rise in number of same-sex weddings are not only coming from locals but also couples who are from overseas who wanted to have a wedding in Australia where it is legal. The rise in weddings is also good for wedding planner in Sydney because they have clients all-year round and they expect the business to stay consistent for the coming years.