Boiler Owners To Receive Lower Payments From RHI

In a recent regulation announced by the Renewable Heat Incentive or RHI, boiler owners might not be happy to know that the scheme is yet reducing their future payments. The yearly subsidy levels which is given to the most common boiler type, will drop down to just a little more than £2,000 from about £13,000. This is a shock for companies providing boiler repairs in Wakefield because of the huge difference.

For the same plan, Great Britain is giving boiler owners around £20,000 for every unit of boiler. Businesses based in Northern Ireland will be given the alternative to buyout if they prefer to do so.

Under the Northern Ireland scheme, there are about 2,100 boilers which were put under suspension because of the political controversy that occurred in the beginning of 2016.

One of the major reasons why the Northern Ireland Executive crashed down in January of 2017 is because of the RHI scheme. This came after the public knew about its flaws and it was revealed that a large amount of the public’s money is being spent on the project.

This resulted to a public inquiry that lasted for a year to inspect the design of the scheme, its operation as well as the oversight included. The report is expected to come out in a few months from now.

Boiler owners are not happy with the tariffs cut while others believe that it might be the trigger for them to shut down their businesses. Boilers were installed in various establishments including manufacturing facilities, hotels and nursing homes. Half of them are involved in the agriculture industry with majority focusing on poultry farms.

Claimants under the government scheme are in it for 20 years which includes a guaranteed tariff. Banks were now lured to lend money based on the letter given by Arlene Foster, the former minister of enterprise. The problem is that the subsidy payment was higher compared to the biomass fuel cost which overwhelmed the budget in the process.

This is why many clients of company that offer boiler repairs in Wakefield are not convinced with the scheme because it was too good to be true right from the start.