Bondi Airbnb Hosts Left With AU$20,000 Debt After Last Minute Cancellation

Melanie Boujonnier and her family will be having a bit of trouble paying for pest control in the Eastern Suburbs, as a recent cancellation of an Airbnb booking for their home by a group of Dutch holidaymakers has left them AU$20,000 in the hole.

Melanie Boujonnier listed her Bondi home in Airbnb for $590/night, and had the Dutch holidaymakers book the place for five weeks, before the booking was cancelled. According to Airbnb, the booking was cancelled because of reports regarding “two cockroaches”.

Mrs. Boujonnier, mother of two, took umbrage with the course of action due to the fact that Airbnb’s booking policies explicitly allow for a 24-hour timeframe for hosts to resolve issues brought up by guests before bookings can be cancelled. But yet, she was not given that allotment, nor was she asked for any sort of pre-approval or even asked for potential solutions to the issue, in spite of the fact that the Boujonniers offering to call on pest control in the Eastern Suburbs to come in and handle the roaches.

Additionally, she found it suspicious that Airbnb did not share the negative review on their home’s listing page, which is unusual for the company. To Mrs. Boujonnier, Airbnb looks like it disagrees with the customers’ review of her home, but agrees with them on the cancellation of the booking.

The review was only shared with Daily Mail Australia, which stated that the kitchen and the bathroom had cockroaches, which were crawling all over the furniture and the food. According to Mrs. Boujonnier, the guest texted her, with the message saying that there were around a dozen cockroaches all over the house. While the Sydney weather meant that a cockroach or two every once and a while was unavoidable, she insists that a dozen or more was simply ridiculous.

With the money they were supposed to get from the booking, the family went on an Asian holiday trip. Now, with the cancellation, the family is not only in debt for the 20K to Airbnb, but also for their holiday trip.

Airbnb has stated that it was investigating the Boujonnier’s case, among others, and assessing the circumstances leading to the cancellation, and they say they will double check if the booking should have been cancelled as abruptly as it was.