Carpets In Senior Communities: How To Clean Them Effectively

It is common knowledge that carpet is one of the safest option when it comes to flooring especially in living areas where there are seniors residing. This is also more commonly seen in communities where seniors are residing. It has better traction compared to regular flooring and the carpet minimizes the chance of slippage as well as falling that can pose a high risk such as broken bones and bruises. Carpet also provides more warmth compared to bare floorings because it serves as an insulator inside the room and it helps keep the heat inside the room.

The carpet also serves as an air filter because it traps all the dirt, bacteria as well as allergens that are present in the air. This is why there is less allergy and germs are not spread easily inside the community. According to research, indoor air has two times the pollutants compared to outdoor air.

With all the benefits that a carpet has to offer, it is important to make sure it is well maintained to be able to filter air in a more effective manner. Good cleaning practice should also be exercised to make sure that carpets used inside the living communities for seniors are used for a long time and retain its efficiency.

When cleaning carpets, not all rooms with carpets should be cleaned at the same time. it is best to determine the level of need of each room by categorizing them. This way, a schedule with regular intervals can be created in maintaining the carpets.

Deep cleaning every quarter is important for carpets that are located in areas with heavy foot traffic including first floor rooms, hallways and lobby. The dining room should also have regular cleaning because it is used three times every day.

Drying time should be considered to make sure that the carpets are fully dry before the elderly are allowed access to the room. There is a higher risk of accidents when the carpets are not properly dried.

For large senior living communities, it is best to hire Chem-Dry in Franklin to make sure that carpet cleaning is done professionally and faster.