China’s Ambitious Plan To Build Solar Power Station OnSpace

One of the best long term investments on the home is the installation of solar systems on the Gold Coast to enjoy green electricity for years to come. Households consume a lot of energy and solar power is doing a good job of contributing to the electricity mix. Long ago, scientists have predicted that gathering energy from the sun will be very effective for mankind.

According to Science and Technology Daily, Chinese scientists are planning to build and launch small power stations on the stratosphere between 2021 and 2025. The plan also includes upgrading to a megawatt-level station in 2030 and gigawatt-level facility above the earth before 2050. The space-based solar farms are expected to be an inexhaustible source of clean energy.

According to China Academy of Space Technology, the set up could reliably provide 99% energy that is 6 times the intensity of solar installations on land. Solar energy will be converted into electricity in space before it is beamed back to the planet earth using microwave or laser technology. Solar energy will be fed into the grid through a ground receiving system.

This sci-fi plan is facing a lot of challenges. For example, a power station could weigh about 1,000 tons whichwill be difficult to get into orbit. Researchers are considering whether the power station could be built in space using robots and 3D printing technology. Another challenge will be the microwave radiation on the atmosphere.

However, the plan although ambitious is not impossible. In fact, Japan has been exploring this technology for a decade. In 2015, Japan found a solution in wireless transmissions. The California Institute of Technology also announced that it was able to create a prototype with the capability of harnessing and transmitting solar energy from space through lightweight tiles. This suggests that the sci-fi dream is closer to becoming a reality.

Meanwhile, households can save thousands on their energy bill through solar systems on the Gold Coast that will harness the free energy from the sun. When an advanced solar panel design is provided to a home, the greatest possible benefits from the system can be achieved. Solar power is also a clean energy source that will benefit the environment.