Christchurch Over whelmed With Surplus Furniture

In Christchurch, there is an overflow of second-hand executive desks. Christchurch has become a bargain site for these desks as new offices get rid of their old desks. All of the city are overrun by these cast-offs of tables thus if they can’t sell it or recycle it, give it to charity or surplus stores, or if there is no other choice, then they send it to the dump.

The change in office furniture in most offices around the city is a result of refurbishing and renovations of old buildings. The Princess Margaret Hospital is one of those with overflowing number of tables and chairs for sale or for charity. The Canterbury District Health Board services manager has become quite the expert when it comes to selling surplus items in Trade Me or given to the community. There were four floors of surplus office furniture and now only one floor remains to be disposed of. There were almost 4000 chairs collected and are ready to be given new homes.

As a result of this sale on the office furniture, Trade Me listings of these items have gone up in the last three months. Fifty of the heavy and sturdy but hefty and difficult to move around old oak desks have been sold due to this sale. The hospital and the DHB no longer see the usage of these tables and chairs thus it has to be re-homed.

However, given the overwhelming number of these items for sale, some of the auctioneers and second-hand sellers have started to decline the offers and are starting to turn away the goods. It was mentioned that there are times it seems that it is not worth the effort to dismantle and transfer the chairs, tables, and other office items to another venue. The chairs are just being sold $1 while the tables are being sold at $20 each. Each of these items is at a 70% lower than the original price.

If these were not sold, the still useable items are given to charity but anything that is damaged will be left in the building that is to be demolished.