Common Website Mistakes Made By Business Owners

With people spending so much time online, having a website is more important than ever for any business, regardless of its scale or field. There are, of course, exceptions, but the vast majority of business owners have turned to a developer to make a site for the business. Of course, the results aren’t always perfect. Some web design mistakes are more common than others, however, and here are a few of them.

Not having a responsive design

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, no decent online presence can be established without a site that runs well on different formats. That means responsive design.

With more and more people on mobile devices, not having a responsive design that works and runs nicely on mobile devices is losing out on a huge part of the market. Responsive design offers several benefits:

  • Cost-effectiveness: A responsive site is all you need, regardless of device and format.
  • Better user experience. Responsive sites adjust for users’ devices, leaving them free to just browse.
  • Easy to manage. That same responsiveness that makes it easy for users makes it easy to make adjustments and changes to the marketing campaign.

Not having a clear call to action

One of the most important parts of a business’s website is a “call to action”, something that encourages them to, well, take action. Whether it’s asking them to buy something or inquire, motivating visitors to a site is key to converting a lead.

Not having a clear CTA is a good way to get a visitor to drop, lose a lead and a sale.

  • Clear and concise. A CTA button has to be short and sweet, no less than 5 words.
  • A CTA has to upfront about what it offers users, so they’re compelled to actually click it.
  • Action-oriented. Users don’t like being told what to do, they like to get good rewards. That’s why good CTAs incentivize, not command.

Going for a template

A business’s site is its storefront, representative of the brand on the internet. That’s why they need to be unique. Yes, having to call in a dev to handle web design can be a bit of a hassle, but it’s worth it. Few things are as effective in marketing online as a good, unique and well-optimized website.