A Community’s Journey To Eliminating Pests

A community made up of Southlanders is willing to do everything in order for the pests in their area to be controlled or eliminated.

This is the reason why the Deep South Community Pest Board was established in December of 2016 by Jodie Bull, Jimi Bull and Shane Wilson.

According to Wilson, they created the group in the aim to aid members within the community by teaching them how to control pests that are infesting inside their properties as well as the neighboring blocks of forests.

A program was developed by the group which was referred to as the Trap and Train which is designed for the coming generation of people that will be living in the South.

The course has a registration fee amounting to $100. From there, the enrolees will be able to learn how to locate and then trap pests in the most humanely way possible. Most common kind of pests in the area is possums.

During the course, the participants will be provided with a kit that consists of bait and a legal leg-hold for trap. This comes with training so that they will be able to gather the fur after and then the carcasses can be used as pet food if they desire.

Wilson explained that management of pest control within the community is easier if everyone is trying to do their part and help.

He added that pests have been a problem ever since in the South because of its negative effect in the environment. They must do something to eradicate them now or it will only become a nightmare soon. 1080 is not something they need to use if everyone will cooperate because they can eliminate the pests without having to use this.

Wilson also said that pest traps used to be a very common thing in the past and now, there are still those who use it, but not as much as before. This is why it is important that people in the rural areas should be educated regarding pest control because it is a skill that should be passed on generation after generation. This is also important for people residing in the metropolitan such as pest control in Newcastle which is given much importance by homeowners.