Consumers Have More Trust On Reviews Than Advertising

It has become relatively common for a consumer to trust authentic king kong agency review than marketing promotions. Reviews have become the single most influencing factor in a purchase decision. Brands have to take action and encourage review creation.

Instead of ignoring consumer reviews, marketers must encourage them because it an important part of a customer acquisition strategy. Marketers must appropriately respond to both positive and negative reviews because it is a valuable opportunity to support customer needs.

It is essential for organizations to provide consumers with resources and tools to make informed decisions. Potential customers must be given the information to effectively evaluate their options. According to the results of a survey made by BrightLocal, at least 82% of consumers read reviews of local businesses. Reviews help consumers decide on the best pricing and service offered by a Thai takeout.

Ratings and reviews establish consumer confidence particularly among the younger audiences. Millennials and Generation Z are sceptical over traditional advertising. Businesses must consider this as an opportunity to connect and develop relationships with their younger customers.

According to Spiegel Research Centre, with just 5 reviews, the likelihood of a purchase increases by 270%. Businesses have to incorporate ratings and reviews even on a small scale as part of the marketing strategy.

There are many online sites where you can read a king kong agency review from its clients and employees. Some are offered freely while others require a little nudging. Satisfied customers can be easily encouraged to leave a feedback because they are more willing to share a good experience.