Couple Named Baby After Suggestions From Internet Users

While some couples might be busy preparing things for their new baby such as buying Chicco baby products, one couple is having trouble deciding on a new name for their fourth child. In the end, they decided to ask from suggestions from internet users and there were about 1,500 comments with suggested names.

The couple is Becky Lang who is 25 years old and Ian Miller who is 29 years old. They had a new addition to their family, a baby boy. They decided to make a post at a local Facebook page in Devon and gather suggestions from online users.

The local page has about 35,000 members and the post got 400 reactions while there are 1,500 comments. Many are willing to help the couple as they decide for a new baby name.

Becky is living in Stonehouse, Plymouth and she decided to make a post at the Facebook page of Plymouth Gossip Girls which is based in the UK. According to the post, she is asking for help and suggestions on what to name their new baby boy. The couple could not decide on what to name him so they decided to seek help. Together with the post is a photo of their newborn baby boy.

Becky said that she has been a member of the group six months prior to posting and she has been asking for help and advices from the page while pregnant.

Whenever she post before, she found the members’ comments to be helpful thus they tried if they can get help with the baby name as well.

Becky has three other older kids. Her daughter who is seven years old is namedAlleigha Louise, a four-year-old boy named Vincent John Scott and a two year old called Richie William. This is the first time that the couple is not able to think of a name and they are both stuck in making the decision.

They have everything that the baby needs including Chicco baby products but what they don’t have is a name. In the end, they decided to choose Oliver Edward George among the 1,500 comments of potential baby names.