Crime Rates During The Pandemic

One of the most difficult periods that you may experience in your life is being charged with a crime. You will feel helpless, stressed and afraid because of the potential negative effects to your family, finances and future life. Fortunately, legal protection is in place to ensure that an accused is treated fairly. You can gain more information about criminal lawyers on their page.

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted into a drastic reduction in overall crime rates. People have reacted to the pandemic in different ways. Some have stopped working while others have refused to drive their cars. People are afraid to walk around the city so that crime has stopped.

More than 30% drop in crime was witnessed by Baltimore, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington D.C. Violent crimes like robberies and aggravated assaults have also been reduced substantially. Meanwhile, homicide and shooting cases are on the rise.

According to Shauntavius Sims of a Chicago community, their neighborhood has experienced gun violence which makes news of an overall reduction in crime rates as irrelevant. Gun violence has become worse and it is in the news every day. There has also been a surge in homicides recently with several children becoming shooting victims.

Tragic crime news has placed Chicago, Houston, Cincinnati and Fresno, California in the headlines. According to David Abrams, a law and economic professor of the University of Pennsylvania, determining murder and other crime trends in a short span of time can be difficult. An accurate statistical count will compare the crimes that took place from year to year which a longer period of time.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said that the pandemic has created a perfect storm. People were required to stay at home but those who are intent on committing crimes are out on the streets because of poverty, despair and lack of hope.

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