Customers Complain About Cockroach-Infested Cakes

If you have dealt with pests before, you know how horrible an experience it could be. For example, cockroaches are difficult to eliminate because most remedies are ineffective against them. The best course of action is to call professional exterminators that use the most up-to-date methods and tools to deal with them.

In Malaysia, two customers purchased a loaf from a popular convenience store. They discovered that the loaf was infested with cockroaches. Abdul Rehman, a Facebook user contacted We are Malaysians, a Facebook group. He showed a video of himself opening the loaf the bought from a store that housed cockroaches.

In the clip, you can hear Abdul Rehman saying “You see, still alive.” In the message sent to We are Malaysians, Abdul said that the cake was purchased from a convenience store located near Jalan Ipoh. He was so disgusted that he brought the cake back to the store. However, the staff told Abdul Rehman that they cannot prevent cockroaches from entering the cake.

Abdul Rehman showed the staff some proof that the cake housed cockroaches but he was urged to buy another cake. Abdul Rehman advises the public to check the items they are buying before they pay for it.

On March 3, another Facebook user Sureshgita Vpp said that he had a similar experience at the same convenience store chain but this time, it was the Puchong Koi Tropika branch. The cake he bought came from the same supplier that consigns goods to the convenience store. A 19-sceond clip showed intrusion of cockroaches on the lid of marble cake and they are alive.

Malaysians advised the two customers through the comments section to raise the issue to the Ministry of Health. They wanted both stores to be inspected by authorities. The Ministry of Health conducted spot checks not only on the stores but the mini-markets, as well.

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