Different Kinds Of Viruses That Tecrep25 Can Remove

Computer viruses can cause ill-effects to the computer. They can destroy the computer system and the files inside it. A computer virus is a kind of malicious software or malware that harms the computer. It inserts a virus code and multiplies by itself by changing the applications and programs. A computer can get infected by the duplication of malicious code.

There are different forms of viruses that infect the computer system in various ways. Our skilled technicians at Tecrep24 can remove all types of computer viruses. They are equipped with modern tools that are needed in the removal of harmful computer viruses.

The following are some of the common types of viruses:

  1. Boot Sector – it infects the computer’s master boot file. The system must be formatted to eliminate this type of computer virus. It mostly spreads via the removable media.
  2. Resident Virus – this type of virus gets mounted on the computer. It is challenging to identify and remove this type of virus.
  3. Direct Action – this type of virus is also known as non-resident infection. It hides in the memory of the computer and stays connected to the files that it contaminates. The performance of the system and the user experience are not affected by this type of virus.
  4. Multipartite Virus – this kind of infection spreads in multiple ways. The executable records and files and the boot sector are infected at one time together.
  5. Overwrite Virus – this kind of virus deletes all stored files that it contaminates. The only way to remove this virus is by deleting the contaminated files which means losing all the items in the files. This virus comes from emails and is difficult to identify.
  6. Polymorphic Virus – this kind of virus is hard to identify using a conventional anti-virus software because it changes the pattern of its signature when it replicates.
  7. Spacefiller Virus – also known as “Cavity Virus” because it fills up the unoccupied sections of the files.

It is crucial to immediately act on the viruses residing in the computer system. It is possible to lose important files and programs if they are left neglected.