Education Legacy, A Gift From Thai King Bhumibol

It was in 1985 when the King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadei, founded the first ever vocational school in the country. It was located in a small city called Hua Hin, two and a hours away to the southern part of Bangkok.

A visit to the school and you will find them busy learning all about sales management at 10 in the morning. These are class with 16 year olds students in them. The group is consists of 50 students and they can be seen learning with their teachers all about selling.

Starting at the age of four, children who are enrolled at the Wangklailangwon Industrial and Community Educational College are given lessons regarding professional careers. These lessons are free.

According to one of the students from the school, Onnaree Nuikong, the school helps them prepare for what is in store for them in the real world. She admitted that it has always been her desire to study agriculture because this is what the King did his entire life but she also learned that she wanted to learn sales and have her own business someday.

Students enrolled in the school are given apprenticeship courses. They can choose from a variety of subject such as tourism services, mechanical engineering, hairdressing, marketing as well as dressmaking.

According to Jaturan Wattanaprateep, the school director, King Bhumibol is the one who personally picked the programs that will be offered in the school. He has also visited a number of times whenever he is staying at the Royal Palace which is located just across the school.

He also added that majority of the students are aiming to get to the university in order to be able to receive a diploma awarded by the King himself but several years ago, the Prince and Princesses took charge. It was the King’s idea to push the students to motivate them to study and become better in the future.

The King has been in the throne for more than 70 years and he has helped develop the country amidst the chaos. Education is now given importance more than ever. That is why those who are aiming to become English teachers must have TEFL in Thailand.