EU Referendum Affects Number Of Home Movers To UK

If there is one thing that home removalists in Sydney know, it is that the current economy of a country impacts the number of movers. This is what is happening with the United Kingdom ever since the EU referendum has been released. A significant decline in the number of home movers from the EU to the UK has been recorded. As a comparison, the figure for the number of home movers for March 2019 is only at 22 per cent while in June 2016 the number was at 66 per cent which shows a big difference.

An online portal analysed more than 100,000 quotes for international removalists and they found out that there is a huge decline in the number of people who are planning to move from the EU going to the UK since June of three year ago. The record shows though that there is an increase in the number of home movers just within the EU territory, not including the United Kingdom. The same goes for the number of home movers migrating to other parts of the world.

Since June 2016 until March of this year, home movers within the territories of the EU have rise to 28 per cent from 18 per cent and the movers to other countries in the planet has also risen to 49 per cent from the original 16 per cent.

Once the referendum has been announced, there is also a notable increase in the number of home movers residing in EU planning to relocate to the UK. This might be because of the expatriates who are planning to retire back to their homeland including those UK nationals that are residing in the EU but have decided to go back because the freedom of movement might cease to exist.

The downward trend for the number of home movers planning to relocate to the UK started after September of 2016 and has remained on the same path since. While this does not affect home removalists in Sydney, the same cannot be said for those that are relying on business between movers from EU to the UK.