Factors That Great Impacts A Website’s Design

After meeting with www.perth-web-design.com.au, here’s what we learned regarding the basic factors that influence how a website is design and should be designed. The website’s visual appearance is very important because it determines if the site is plain nice or it can have an impact in the decision of the users visiting the site.

The reason for creating a visually stimulating website is not only to attract the attention of the users but also to be able to promote the company, get the user to interact and fill up form and inquiry boxes and give the customers a satisfying experience of visiting a website that provides what they need in the most efficient way possible.

Here are some of the factors that impact a website’s overall visual appearance.

– Size. Contrary to the belied that the bigger something is, it will be more noticeable and gain more clicks. There are things that should be considered when deciding how big a font or an image is. It is said that for links, it should be big enough so users won’t have to exert much effort clicking on a tiny link. It doesn’t follow that everything should be big because other elements should be also considered.

– Colors. One of the things that would really stand out and make an impression is the color theme used on a company’s website. Colors have been interpreted and some are using them depending on how they want to affect their users. To make various colors stand out or blend, use contrasting ones.

– Layout. A website’s visual appearance can be greatly affected by how it was laid out. It doesn’t mean that the higher the screen is the better. How every part of a website is place accordingly will have an impact on the site’s effectiveness. Studies shows that the sides of the site is more likely to be clicked because it takes less effort dragging the mouse to the side than pinpointing something in the middle.

– Spacing. This factor is also important as it emphasizes the proximity of texts and it also shows when too much space is unutilized. It is considered that a group of words and images in close proximity are of the same context while a visible space is placed in between different topics or context.