Fleetwood Town Stadium – Highbury Stadium Of Fleetwood Town FC

Football is a universal sport. It originated in the 12thcentury in England and because of the overwhelming popularity of the game, it had to be banned by King Henry II and King Henry IV. Football was globally known because of Britain’s great global influence. The easy access to playing football also made it become so famous because you can literally play the game anywhere with just a ball and it doesn’t need many players as well.

Fleetwood Town is a famous professional football team based in Fleetwood, England which started in 1908 with a nickname of The Cod Army and club mascot Captain Cod. It has several competitors such as Morecambe, Barrow, Southsport, Accrington Stanley, Kendal Town, Chorely, Lancaster City, Blackpool, and Skelmersdale United.Fleetwood Town has played in different stadiums like North Euston Hotel, Memorial Park, and the Queen’s Ground. Andrew Pilley owns Fleetwood Town football association. The fleetwood town stadium or Highbury stadium is the home base of Fleetwood Town. There was also a similar ground name which Arsenal football team played for more than 93 years.

Highbury stadium has a capacity of 5,327 making it as the 112th biggest stadium in the country of England as well as the 24th biggest ground during League One. The fleetwood town stadium was opened in 1939 which is owned by Wyre Borough Council. It has hosted several football clubs such as Fleetwood Town FC, Blackpool Reserves, and Fleetwood Flyers. The stadium has four stands. Three of the four stands are all-seated, and one is a standing terrace. The Fleetwood fans that are more vocal are housed in the Memorial Stand while the away fans are housed at the Parkside Stand that also has a line of executive places at the rear.

The game tickets for Fleetwood Town are quite complicated because the members of the club for official supporters are charged less than the non-members. The ticket prices also differ depending on the part of the stadium and different amounts are charged to visitors of different ages.

The football game is a kind of sport that unites different nationalities because of its global nature. Different races can come together as one with the same passion for the game.