Floating Market: Welcome Development For A 5-Star Boutique Hotel In Ho Chi Minh City

Boosting a place’s tourism industry, whether you’re talking about a first-world country, or a third-world country like the Philippines, is considerably hard thing to even begin with. You have to do a terribly lots of things for your country to be able to gain a stably high number of tourist arrivals, both local and foreign vacationists, who will be flocking into your country’s most beautiful tourist destinations. Now, in Vietnam, specifically in the busy city of Ho Chi Minh City which can be also called as Saigon City, there have been a great number of things, which the tourism officials in the city, along with the service providers from the tourism industry, in hopes of furthermore pushing the city’s tourism state to an even higher ground. Just recently, the city government has approached several investors from the private sector and seek assistance in developing a new floating market which the city is hoping it will be a good addition to the city’s line up of tourist attractions. Assuming that this plan pushes through, it will be definitely a good news because if the floating market can lure more tourists into the city, there’s a real possibility that a 5-star boutique hotel in Ho Chi Minh City will be filled up in no time especially during the peak season.

The initial goal of developing a floating market is to have the market floating in Saigon River and that the market will be able to gather many vendors, selling a wide variety of goods to visitors while on board boats. Although no specific plans have been announced to the public, it has been said that the proposed floating market in Saigon River will be able to replicate the success of the ones in the Mekong Delta. Aside from the floating market, the city’s tourism department is working together with the transportation department in developing a viable plan for waterway transport services both for passengers and goods which could eventually serve as an additional boost to the city’s tourism. This way, you can now travel from a 5-star boutique hotel in Ho Chi Minh City to the proposed floating market via a boat.  This plan will also enable the city to make use of the most of its waterways.