Fundraising Concert Organized For Sydney Historic House Of Worship

St. George’s Church in Sydney is a historic building that has been constructed 233 years ago. It has lasted for two centuries and it is not surprising to know that it already requires a lot of repair and renovation at this point. The people behind the church’s operation might have to buy building supplies in Sydney but they do not have enough funds to pay for everything on their own.

This is the reason why a group composed of local musicians decided to organize a concert for the benefit of the church. All the money which will be raised during the event will be given to the church as donation.

Jim McNeil, the organist and the organizer of the concert, said that they already expected repairs because of the age of the building. Add the fact that the church has been abandoned for almost a decade. They are just happy with the fact that the building remains standing despite the constant external forces including rain and wind.

According to McNeil, they are going to hold a Christmas concert this coming November 25 wherein Coro Cantabile, a women’s choir, will attend together with Ella Reeves Memorial Handbell Choir and Cape Breton Chordsmen. All the money earned will then be given to the committee that is in-charge of maintaining the church building of St. George.

The building was constructed in 1785 using stone as the basic material. It used to be the Fortress of Louisbourg but then it was transformed to a garrison chapel. In the past few years, it serves as a church for the Anglicans but it did not serve as a church for almost ten years. In the end, it suffered a number of damages as it is considered to be the oldest building in Sydney that is still standing.

McNeil said that they have already repaired the problem with the leaking roof which occurs on the entire section of the roof. They have also repaired the heating system but these are not enough. They know that they must have money in order to buy building supplies in Sydney in order to complete its total repair.