Futuristic Maldives Designed By CAA Architects

In the recently concluded Maldives Airport Economic Zone contest, the CAA Architects took home the grand prize. The proposal that made them win is called Ocean’s Heaven which is a mixed use project that was designed to adapt to the tropical culture of Maldives as well as complement its ocean systems. The structures were intended to use renewable energy while embodying the living belt structure. The country is one of the top destinations of many with the temptation of a 5 star resort in Maldives and the best beaches. Yet it is currently plagued with environmental issues including the controversial global warming and the sea levels that continue to rise.

With the project they have designed, CAA hopes to develop a more sustainable development or else they have to face the idea that one day Maldives might be erased in the face of the earth. Ocean’s Heaven was designed to use energy supplies that are ecological while surviving both in the city and the ocean environment. The design acknowledges that Maldives’ ecosystem is somewhat fragile.

Maldives is dubbed as the Paradise on Earth considering that it is the largest country in the world that is an archipelago. The name came from the form of the country which resembles a jewel and lying at the surface of the ocean.

While it may look beautiful to the naked eye, it is also struggling with environmental issues as revealed by the United Nations Environment Program or UNEP. Around 40 per cent of the total greenhouse gases that contributes to global warming are coming from large buildings. Therefore it is time to change the way things are done in terms of construction and treatment of energy as disposable because it is a big threat to island countries much like Maldives.

The proposed futuristic city is expected to be constructed in Hulhumale’s eastern coast which is next to Maldives’ capital city, Male. Aside from the project, many of the structures in the city are already going green. One example is a 5 star resort in Maldives which is taking measures in order to be eco-friendly and to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions.