Get To Know Eastbourne Through Art And History Exhibit

Many are not aware of the diversity which Eastbourne’s local community holds. This is why locals and visitors including those booked at beach front hotel in Eastbourne are invited to experience it through organized events and activities.

The event is called Diverse Sussex – Eastbourne which was organized by Writing Our Legacy. The programme will last for two weeks and it will feature arts activities as well as heritage events. This will help locals and tourists explore the diverse culture and history of the residents living around Sussex as well as Eastbourne.

The event is already on and the last day will be on November 22. It is currently held at DC1 Gallery which is located in Eastbourne.

There are a number of art works on display and other exhibits that showcase the diverse heritage of Sussex. There are many things to look forward to such as notable figures from Sussex either from the past or present like Sarah Forbes Bonetta, John Agard and Grace Nicholls. There are also the Beachy Head Lady, the Indian and Afro-Caribbean soldiers from WW1 and the Afro-Caribbean nurses from WW1.

The public programme will feature highlights for the art works, displays, talks and even workshops.

The first exhibit is called Constructed Geographies which is a teaser of touring art as well as photography. It will present the works of seven different artists raised locally such as new work made by Josef Caby, Judith Ricketts, Amanda Jobson and Rikki Tarascas.

The display of the Beachy Lady is a sculpture used for forensic facial reconstruction which is borrowed from the Heritage Eastbourne.

There is also a display of the Asian and black soldiers from WW1 which are hailed from the black history of Hove and Brighton. Aside from the display, there will also be a talk.

According to Writing Our Legacy’s chairman, artist and curator Amy Zamarripa Solis, the main goal of the exhibition is to let everyone know of the hidden diversity that Eastbourne’s hold. History geeks should book a beach front hotel in Eastbourne in order to catch the event before it ends.