GM Donates To Nonprofits Rather Than Throw Office Furniture

A new goal is now being achieved by General Motors Co. in terms of their old office furniture. They used to throw them in the dumpster after they are done with them but this time the company decided to donate furniture and equipment. These donations worth $1 million will be given away to 100 different organizations based in Michigan and many of these are located in Detroit.

General Motors shared that they are now renovating their Warren Tech Center campus and they are allotting a $1 billion budget for it. At the same time, the company created a partnership with Herman Miller Inc. which is involved in a repurpose Program together with an environmental firm called Green Standards. Through the partnership, the companies will be able to send their old furniture to various nonprofit organizations within the next two years. All the equipment, supplies and furniture that GM will not be using in their newly renovated Milford Proving Ground, GM Renaissance Center headquarters as well as in the Tech Center will be donated too. There will be items that the company will reuse but in another facility.

As of writing, GM was able to avoid throwing into landfills a total of 550 tons worth of office materials. It is expecting that by the end of the project, they will have been able to stop throwing around 2,000 tons of office furniture. According to an estimate provided by the company, the total value of the items and furniture will amount to $1 million.

According to the sustainability director of GM, David Tulauskas, waste is viewed by the company as a resource that was just not put in the right place. With the help of the reuse program, the company is able to lessen the environment footprint they are contributing to the environment. In place, they have created a positive contribution instead.

Based on a research conducted by Herman Miller, every time a company changes their furniture, two thirds are sent to the landfills while 75 per cent are disposed.

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