Google Adds Community Feed To Google Maps

Whenever someone mentions search engines, and King Kong SEO, Google will inevitably pop up during the discussion, as it’s the largest search engine in the world, with thousands of businesses advertising on it.

The search engine recently announced a new feature that local businesses with enjoy, available on both Android and iOS devices; the community feed. Located under the Explore tab of Google Maps, this new feature presents lists tied to the user’s location.

This new feature is part of the LocalGuides feature that Google added earlier in November 2020, designed to help people discover local spots.

The community feed feature showcases activities and places in the local area, compiled by Google Local Guides, changing based on the user’s location, and taking into account their prior searches. Each place also features a “Trending Weekly” list for specific locations.

Google issued a blog post on the matter, saying that, during the early testing phase, they noticed that the posts from merchants get twice as many views compared to before the feed was made. Now, by implementing the community feed, people can see if a local business has a new service on offer, have something on a limited time offer, or have outdoor seating set up.

This feed also has content and links from Google Posts’, which means that it has the power to become a power promotional tool for local businesses.

With how important Google is to King Kong SEO and the like, people are waiting to see how this new ‘Community Feed’ feature turns out.