Guidelines To Choose A  Professional Plasterer

Plastering walls is necessary to provide a smooth and levelled finish. It provides a perfect base for painting, sticking wallpaper or for adorning the walls with different decorations. There are a number of plastering materials like, lime, cement, gypsum, earthen plasters etc. You can choose a plastering material depending on the look and finishing required.

Plastering is not a do-it-yourself job. The quality of plastering depends on the experience and expertise of the plasterer. There are a number of plasterers in Sydney and choosing the right plaster is a difficult task for homeowners. Here are some tips to help homeowners to choose a plasterer for their home improvement project.

Ask for recommendations

While searching for plasterers, ask your friends and family for recommendations. This will help you to know first-hand account about the working style and quality of work of the plasterer. You can also check online forums and trusted trade websites that provide details about plasterers in your city. Do not forget to read the customer testimonials and feedback to get an idea about the working style of the plasterer.

Ask for quotations

Once you get the contact of a few plasterers, ask them for quotations. Most of the plasters provide rough estimates for the project based on the specifications you provide them. Shortlist a few plasterers, depending on the quotes provided by them, their reputation, experience and customer reviews.

Schedule a home visit
The plasterer needs to have physical inspection of the work site to provide an exact quotation for the project. Have a detailed discussion with the plasterer and know about his experience in the industry. The plaster should be professional and easy to communicate with. Ask for references of the past clients and speak to them to know about their experience.

Negotiate the price

Obtain the exact price quotation from the plaster and negotiate the price. However, be reasonable while negotiating and do not bargain much.

Get a written agreement

Once you finalize a professional plasterers in Sydney Company for your project, ask them to provide a written agreement. The agreement must include details of the pricing with clean break-up for materials, labour, taxes etc. The agreement must also include the estimated time to complete the project, details of the quality of the materials to be used and details of warranties provided by the plasterer.