Hamilton Facing Problem With Tyre Dumping

The piles of dumped used tyres continue to grow in Hamilton and a warning has already been sent by the tyre retailers stating that this problem could lead to a high clean-up bill in which ratepayers will have to shoulder.

Early this year, an order was sent by Waikato Regional Council to the Tyre Recycling Waikato which is the leading recycling facility in the region. The order states that the facility is required to stop collecting old tyres.

Tyre business has a very high level of competition and retailers are expressing their concerns about the piling old tyres which pose fire risk. The piling is a desperate move to get rid of old tyres. Retailers said that the dody dumping could lead to another incident in Hamilton which could cause the region a quarter million dollars, just line in 2015.

Before the order sent by the Waikato Regional Council, the Tyre Recycling Waikato facility is able to collect old tyres from approximately 150 customers all over the region every week.

The owner of the facility, Alvin Cobb, amassed and packaged around 850,000 old tyres which is stored in his property at Otorohanga while he is still finding it a challenge to locate market that will accept the tyres.

The order released by Waikato Regional Council is based on the fact that the storage is prone to fire, the land is used unlawfully and there is a possibility of contamination. The order is currently under contest by Cobb after presenting several reasons.

He said in a statement that it is better that the task is delegated to a single individual, in this case himself, rather than put 150 customers with risk of fire.

He added that there are fly by nights who will be taking advantage of the retailers who are desperate to let go of their used tyres and would be willing to pay a dollar for every tyre but in the end it will only be disposed in warehouses or even the gullies.

Matt Lowther who is the owner of Tyre Tracks agreed that there are fly by nights and is willing to expose their trade when he can so that consumers will only dispose their Gold Coast tyres through legal means.