Hire Car Firms Charging Clients With Fraudulent Repairs

In an expose that shocked Australia including mechanic on the Gold Coast, it was revealed that a number of car outlets offering vehicles for hire are earning more compared with companies that offer rentals because they charge customers with fake repairs. This information was shared by a whistleblower in the industry.

The whistleblower used to work for one of the biggest rental company in Australia and wished to remain anonymous in exchange for exposing the truth. According to the allegation, repairs are not really done on vehicles unless the car is going to be sold. Aside from this, the amount that is charged to the credit cards of the customers is often inflated.

He claimed that hire car companies partner with repair shops in scamming customers. The repair shop is responsible for providing quote of the supposed damage. As soon as the repair is carried out, the company will enjoy a 20 per cent discount which the customer will know nothing about. There are many instances where in the repairs do not happen at all but the rental company will still tell the customers regarding the repair quote in order to charge them more.

When time comes that the vehicle needs to be sold off, this is the only time that the repair will be carried out and there is a high probability that another customer will shoulder the costs.

The source said that he used to work at a franchised rental company between 2012 and 2013. This is after complaints from customers against Europcar surfaced. The complainants said that the rental company is charging them for the supposed damage which they are not aware of while others have already shouldered the charge.

The whistleblower said that this practice is not only restricted to the former company he worked with but he knows a number of companies doing it. Statement from Europcar denied the allegations thrown its way. This information is hurting many rental companies but customers are confident that there are still honest mechanic on the Gold Coast that will not take advantage of their trust.