How COVID-19 Vaccines Will Be Transported And Distributed

Dedicated and specialty services provided by Titan Transline like temperature-controlled transportation will be very critical in the global distribution of vaccines against COVID-19. Majority of vaccines are under development but it is safe to say that they are highly perishable goods that have to be stored at very cold specific temperatures.

The question right now is how companies and public health services will provide the vaccines to people. The answer is vaccine cold chain which is the supply chain that has the ability to keep the vaccines in tightly controlled temperatures from the time that they are made to the time they are administered to people.

In the United States alone, hundreds of millions of people need potentially two doses of the vaccine. Mass vaccination will require a complex vaccine cold chain on a scale that has never been experienced before. At present, the vaccine cold chain is not up to the task. Expansion of the supply chain at this moment is not going to be easy.

According to experts, the world will need about 12 billion to 15 billion COVID-19 vaccines. Companies are expected to produce about 9 billion vaccines by 2021 which the cold chain must be able handle. The cold chain requires 3 important pieces of infrastructure: planes, trucks and cold storage warehouses. How these infrastructures will be connected and utilized will depend on vaccine production locations and points of demand.

After the COVID-19 vaccine has been produced, it has to be immediately transported by truck to a suitable airport. Since the vaccine is fragile and time-sensitive, it has to be shipped by air to a country. After the vaccines have been unloaded from the plane, they have to be transported by truck to an appropriate warehouse storage facility and later on to the distribution facility. The vaccines will require specific temperature and special handling procedures.

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