How Heat works Can Properly Maintain Your Commercial Boiler

Factories, schools, business establishments and multi-tenant housing buildings totally depend on a commercial boiler to provide comfortable heating systems. You need to work with a commercial boiler to ensure a balance of temperature so you don’t feel too cold inside. Unfortunately, there are building administrators that wait till the boiler can experience major problems. This is indeed difficult as you will need emergency replacements fast. To avoid such feeling of discomfort, you need to call Heat works to do the job. Here’s how you can determine that the boiler needs replacement or repair:

  • Age

Nothing last forever including a commercial boiler. Condensing boilers have a lifespan of 15 years. On the other hand, cast iron boilers can last longer but will need more energy especially when it gets older. So even if your device has been there for a lifetime, they are still subject for replacement. You need to do it fast before it shuts down completely.

  • Rising Energy Costs

If you notice you are paying higher on utility bills, it can mean that the boiler is not functioning properly. Contact Heat works for possible repair or probably a replacement of the boiler. Just like humans, they are subject to wear and tear. Proper repair and maintenance may help, but you save more when you do some changes.

  • A Noisy Boiler

Boilers can make loud noises especially when needing repairs. If the noise is intolerable, perhaps you need to contact a repairman or technician for repairs. The loud noise may be due to blockage or pressure issue. With a proficient technician, he can recommend repair or probably a replacement if it’s too bad.

  • Leaks

Building administrators may need to check the boiler for possible leaks. It should be considered immediately as it can result to floods and costlier expenses. Many times, leaking can be fixed at once; however, you need to check it out before it happens.

  • Hot or Cold Spots

A boiler that is older or needs repair can provide uneven heat at various instances of the day. If you think some of the rooms are hotter than the rest, you may need to replace it.

Replacement or repairs for your boiler can create major problems. Just in case, contact Heatworks to properly maintain and check your boiler.