How Illustrated Maps Can Teach Your Kids About The World


Parents are searching nowadays for educational yet stylish materials to add to their kids’ room. One decoration that they can’t resist is the Rand McNally’s “Illustrated Map of the World”. The illustrated maps are such nice additions to the kids’ room so they can easily be educated about the world.

The size of the world map is 50-by-32-inch which has many stimulating colors, attractively fun graphics as well as key points of interest. It’s easy for the kids to determine the continents, capitals, major cities and main bodies of water as these are color coded. They are highlighted for the kids to easily identify what’s in the illustrated maps. Aside from the child’s bedroom, these can be added to the playroom or even in the classroom. Now it can be an interesting piece that can enhance a child’s knowledge.

In the past 20 years, a lot of studies show that young children like preschoolers are able to think spatially about the world. They have started wondering what the world is and what countries are part of it, other than their country of origin. They start playing and reading maps which are important to develop their spatial skills. It’s also important for them to easily locate the places of the world.

Gadgets have software that include GPS, digital mapping and online programs that provide access to world maps easily; however, it can be really interesting to find a printed map in the kids’ room so they can absorb every part of the world and get a sense of belongingness.

Parents can easily teach their kids, especially when they use the “Illustrated Map of the World” for hands-on learning. They can teach their kids about the various countries of the world along with their vegetation, famous landmarks and breed of animals. They can even play a game just to challenge their kids about all this stuff. Children can easily learn from what their parents are teaching through the cardinal directions furnished by the map legend.

Parents can also frame the “Illustrated Map of the World” as it has a clean white border combined with contemporary colors. An extra durable paper was used to print the map.

The illustrated maps may be purchased at for only $30.