How The Pandemic Wreaked Havoc On The Tourism Industry

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For many countries, tourism has contributed a lot to their GDP’s. The contributions of tourism has largely benefited small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) particularly restaurants, hotels, tourism operators and souvenir shops. Over the past 5 years, global tourism has created 25% of new jobs.

Tourism grew alongside the emerging middle class in Asia. In 2019, tourism contributed 30% to Cambodia’s GDP and 25% to Thailand’s GDP. Vision 2030 expects tourism to diversify the Kingdom’s dependence on the oil industry.

However, the coronavirus wreaked havoc on the tourism industry. Air travel has dropped by 94% in April and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) expects that it would take them years to rebound completely. Restrictions are imposed on travellers and everyone is uncertain about the second wave of outbreaks. Borders are closing once again to complicate return flights and travellers are required to quarantine upon arrival at airports.

International travel will remain fragile but experts have noticed that local travel is recovering. This is particularly noticeable in countries with large populations and a sizable middle class. Dubai is opening its doors to foreign tourists but it comes with challenges. Majority of the tourists visiting Dubai come from middle-class populations.

Countries like Thailand, Tunisia, Morocco, Spain and Portugal whose economies are dependent on tourism will be severely affected by the economic downturn of 2020. If the airline industry in Europe and the Middle East is to be considered, the situation seems bleak because 60,000 employees of the sector have lost their jobs.

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