How To Compete With Large Enterprises In Hiring Quality Talent

Hiring has become a major challenge for many organizations particularly SME’s because they have to compete with large enterprises that offer fancy perks and more than the standard salaries. Organizations also need to compete with start-ups with their exciting and growing environments.

According to Bharat Jayaprakash, senior director of Indeed India, SME’s can compete for talent by building the company brand. They have to present a compelling story and engage with potential employees. With more than 76 million people visiting career-oriented sites every month, it is important for SME’s to be visible in the online world.

Instead of traditional hiring processes, SME’s can look for talent online in places where job seekers are frequently present looking the best employment opportunities. There are job search sites like Indeed where millions of people search for jobs, post resumes and research companies through reviews left by employees.

People do not just apply for the first job they see online; they choose the company, brand and idea. Since individuals have their own beliefs and ideologies, they are more likely to choose a company with ideologies that align with theirs.

By telling a story about the company’s values, beliefs and work culture, it is more likely to attract a higher ratio of applicants that are passionate about the brand instead of applicants that are simply looking for a job.

Company Page on Indeed allows companies to showcase their brand to potential candidates through company information, photos, videos and employee reviews. Potential candidates will have a deeper understanding of the company goals, work culture, management support and work life balance.

Companies must make it easy for job seekers to go from search results straight to the resource where they desire for more company information. When candidates are better informed about the company, there is a bigger possibility that he is the right match for the job.

One of the most effective ways to provide company information is through reviews. If you will notice review is usually posted by current and former employees who want to share their work experiences with others. Reviews often attract the best candidates because they include inside information that potential applicants want to know.