How To Create Your Own Cityscape Map In Six Simple Steps

Illustrated maps are great tools to get a bird’s eye view of a particular city or region. These maps are a creative amalgamation of geography, architecture and information about a particular area. Maps are not only used for way-finding, they can also be used as interesting conversation pieces in your boardroom or lobby.

Illustrated maps are a beautiful combination of art and function. Here let us learn, how to create a cityscape map art in simple steps.

  1. Choose the Area

The first step in creating a cityscape map art is to choose your area. You can select the city of your choice. Once you choose the city, check the perimeter and other details of the city on google maps or any other website.

  1. Research About The City and Collect Images

After you have a fair idea about the borders and perimeters of the city, the next step is to research in depth about the city and collect ample information to include in the map. Some places in the city may not be accessible to visit, so you can use internet to collect images of different places in the city.

  1. Mark Important Routes and Paths

The third step is to chart out the important routes and paths in the city. While creating a cityscape map art, it is advisable to start with the broader shape of the city and chart out the main roads. The city can have fixed borders or sometimes it can have rivers or sea as borders.

  1. Add Details Like Small Roads, Streams and Rivers

After creating a general outline of the city, add smaller details such as smaller roads, streams and rivers. Use different colors to mark these features in order to differentiate them from the main roads.

  1. Add Places of Interest and Other Prominent Buildings

Once the basic city map is ready and the main areas are marked, start adding photographs of tourist attractions and prominent features of the city. These images helps to make the cityscape map art attractive and interesting, and also makes the areas easy to identify.

  1. Decorate the Map and Give Finishing Touches

The last step is to add finishing touches to the map and decorate it. You can add little details such as trees and foliage, houses, inhabitants etc.

Create a unique and attractive cityscape map art by following these six steps. Creating a cityscape map is not as difficult as it seems.