How To Find An Illustrator To Do Your Illustrative Maps

The illustrative maps are done by proficient illustrators who have the talent and skill. In this article, you’ll be taught how to find an illustrator to provide quality and style that showcases his professionalism. If you’re hiring a reliable one, you are certain you get the job right at a given time. Below are simple steps to choosing an illustrator to do your map illustrations:

  • Research: Before contacting an illustrator to do your illustrative maps, ensure you check his portfolio, so you know how he’ll do the job. Ensure he has a creative vision, style and technique to represent his artwork. Check the images if it’s beyond the subject matter. For instance, if you want an artist to paint places, ensure you see samples of his work.
  • Contact: Once you have chosen an illustrator, inform him about your name, company name, contact details, client information and project description. The more information you can provide, the better he can perform his job.
  • Describe the Project: Inform your chosen illustrator about the art direction of your illustrative maps, how it must be used, when the deadline is, and your budget.
  1. Art Direction: Describe in detail the imagery of what you’re looking for, what illustrations need to be created, and the size of the maps. Provide him with reference materials to serve as a basis for the artworks.
  1. Usage: How the images are used will determine the actual cost of the project. You need to specify how the images will be used, where it will be displayed, and determine the geographical range of the usage. The price will be determined if you want the copyright ownership of the final image.
  1. Deadline: A deadline must be specified from the start of the project until it’s completed. You need to provide the illustrator who will do the illustrative maps a reasonable time frame. You also need to review what he’s doing from time to time, so you know what you need.
  1. Money: Allocate a budget for the illustration project. The price will be determined from the complexity of the work, the time frame and usage of the final art. There must also be an agreement of the finished artwork.
  • Format: You also need a file format on how you use the images. Most illustrative maps are now in digital forms and those done traditionally are digitally scanned. You can use Photoshop and Corel Draw as tools for the formatting.