How To Find The Best Hotel In Yangon

Myanmar is a historical country located in Southeast Asia. It is in this country here you can find a whole lot of Buddhist temples, lively markets rich with local produce, not to mention wonderful parks and breath-taking landscapes. The country may be peppered with relics and ancient temples but you can find a lot of contemporary hotels with world-class amenities in the area. If you want to book in the best hotel in Yangon, you may want to consider the following points.

Ideal location

When choosing a hotel, always consider its location and the purpose of your visit. If you are in Myanmar for a business meeting, it would be best if you would book in a hotel that is located at the centre of Yangon. However, if you are in Yangon for a holiday, you might want to consider one that is outside the metropolis for an idyllic setting. If you want to experience the nightlight in Myanmar or explore the city by day, choose a hotel which is located in Yangon’s urban area.


In order to stay at the best hotel in Yangon, make it a point to read customer reviews or you can also check hotel ratings provided by hotel guests and by independent hotel review sites such as TripAdvisor. Find out if the hotel provides excellent service with courteous staff. The hotel should make you feel at home even if you are actually miles away from it.

Hotel amenities

Another point to consider in picking a hotel in Myanmar is the amenities of the establishment.  It is important to take a look at the amenities of the hotel because they will contribute to a positive experience and your overall comfort.  If you planning to stay longer at the hotel, you might want to consider one with fully equipped kitchen or with dining and lounge areas for a more comfortable stay.

Affordable accommodation rates

Booking at the best hotel in Yangon doesn’t mean that you would have to spend beyond your budget. There are excellent hotels that offer deals and discounts while there are those that offer promo codes to help you lower your hotel and holiday expenses.