How To Rent A Serviced Apartment In Bangkok

Do you know what serviced apartments are? They are fully-furnished apartments that have everything you need to live comfortably in Bangkok. Unlike hotels, they come bigger in size and can accommodate a family or a group of people. They are also different from condominiums, where you don’t have to supply kitchen appliances, furniture and setup utilities. This is a guide that can help you choose a serviced apartment in Bangkok, how much they cost, and how to make the right choice.

What’s a Serviced Apartment?

Comparing a serviced apartment with a luxury hotel room, they share a similar service. The only difference is they come bigger than hotel rooms, with a living room, dining room and bedrooms. They also come with a kitchen and laundry room. Some service apartments come with great amenities such as shared pools, gyms, and free shuttle services to nearby train or bus stations and shopping centres. They also come with chambermaids to clean the rooms and even offer concierge services. However, just like hotels, the serviced apartment in Bangkok have check in and check out times.

Differences from Other Accommodations

Let’s take a look at the difference between a serviced apartment, condominiums and hotels.

  • Condos:

You can have the similarities between a serviced apartment and a condo. But unlike condos where you supply all the furniture and appliances, the serviced apartment have all these available. You will just have to provide how long you’re staying in this accommodation. It can either be days, weeks, months or all throughout the year.

  • Hotels:

If you’re opting for privacy, you have the serviced apartment in Bangkok all for yourself. Most of these apartments are detached, so you have the entire home for your family or group of friends. They also come bigger than regular hotel rooms. You have all the space to move around and this will certainly make you comfortable. They also have fully-equipped kitchenettes where you can cook your food, an added saving to maximise your vacation.

How Much They Cost?

Serviced apartments in Bangkok can come in a wide variety of prices. They can be daily or monthly, depending on what is agreed upon. If you’re opting for a longer stay, you enjoy the benefit of getting the accommodation at discounted rates.