How To Select A Boutique Serviced Apartment In Sukhumvit

If you are planning to go on a holiday in Thailand or you just want to get away and have a luxurious rest and relaxation around the downtown area of Bangkok, a boutique serviced apartment in Sukhumvit is what you should be looking for. A boutique hotel differs from ordinary commercial hotels in such a way that they provide dedicated and higher quality in its service. Boutique hotels have limited hotel rooms which means they get to serve less number of guests resulting to better hospitality to their guests. There are a lot of boutique hotels around Bangkok and it would be best choose one at heart of the city for easier mobility and access to tourist and shopping sites. To find the right boutique hotel in Sukhumvit district, here are some ideas.


One of the things that indicates that you are looking at a boutique hotel is it typically has a theme. There are boutique hotels that are retro themed, Victorian, classical, 80’s, pop-rock and contemporary style and many more. Choose a hotel with a theme or ambiance that you are most comfortable with. It will make your relax even more if you are surrounded by things and sites that makes you feel at home and happy.

Posh accommodation

One of the things that you will never go wrong with in a boutique hotel is its lush accommodations. You can find boutique hotels that are complete with home amenities such as washing machine, refrigerator, a well-equipped kitchen, dining area and many more. There are also those with private pool, Jacuzzi and other luxurious facilities that you will find in a hotel. One advantage of booking in aboutique serviced apartment in Sukhumvit is that, all your needs would be attended by the hotel staff because they have limited rooms and guests. Forget about not having enough masseuse at the hotel for your pampering or not being able to use the treadmill at the fitness centre because the hotel has enough facilities for their limited number of guests.

Excellent reviews

Before booking in a boutique serviced apartment in Sukhumvit read reviews and check the ratings given by their guests. Choose a hotel with excellent testimonials from their customers.