How Ugly Christmas Sweaters Change The Lives Of Entrepreneurs

The ugly Christmas sweaters might be unattractive and hideous however there is really nothing ugly about sweaters. In fact, the story in making each one is quite unique and beautiful. Knitted sweatshirts with kitschy looking Christmas ornaments like a promiscuous snowman or a drunken Santa are a few of the ugly Christmas sweaters that are doing well during the holiday season. Everyone knows that these sweaters are trendy, however, according to the Bloomberg Businessweek, the industry of ugly Christmas sweaters is gradually becoming a million-dollar industry.

Ugly Christmas Kit

For only $30, purchasers can now have a do-it-yourself kit. This ugly Christmas kit is equipped with the necessary essentials in order to create the ugliest Christmas sweater one could imagine of. The kit has become so popular and profitable in that large outlets like the SkyMall and Nordstrom are prompted to stock up kits in order to meet the demands when the holiday fever comes.

One executive of a shopping mall told Businessweek that she is in awe of how quickly the craze or product blew up. A lot of shopping malls and medium size business establishments are looking to sell more than 400,000 ugly Christmas kits.

This special novelty item is helping new comers in the entrepreneurial world to cash in huge profits on this Christmas craze. The best proof that this craze can miraculously change your life is the story of a stay-at-home mom, Anne Marie Blackman, who started her own empire selling ugly Christmas sweaters. In the year 2008, Anne Marie Blackman was searching through eBay for something that she could sell in order to pay for the tuition fees for her college kids. It was then that she noticed that sweaters were making huge hits in the Google Trends.

When the idea hit her, she began visiting thrift stores near her home and started to design some ugly sweaters. She disclosed with Businessweek that she was able to make 25,000 sweaters and was able to make more than million dollars in profit. The business of ugly Christmas sweater is a year round venture as contrary to what most must think that it is only applicable during holiday seasons.