How Wearing Undershirts Can Hide Sweat Stains

Summer has not officially ended so it means that you are not yet free from sweat stains. Although it is not displayed to the public, women’s undershirts will help a woman stay dry without being drenched in sweat. If you are wearing a button-down or a shirt with sleeves, the Numi undershirt will make sure that you are free from the unsightly sweat stains.

According to experts, stylists and bloggers, there is a 2-way approach in dressing to hide sweat. The first approach is to find pieces of clothing that will you keep cool and prevent sweating. The second approach is to minimize the appearance of sweat in the most comfortable way.

According to Dina Scherer, you will certainly sweat when it is hot and you can’t avoid signs of sweat on your clothing. Scherer says that it is a good option to choose loose breathable pieces that are made from natural fibers like linen, cotton or silk. Since natural fibers breathe more, they get rid of sweat instead of condensing it and turning it into a puddle.

One of the pieces of clothing that experts suggest to hide sweat is the Numi undershirt. Numi is a patented technology that helps in absorbing underarm perspiration. The underarms of the tops are lined with a proprietary sweat-wicking material that keeps moisture from showing through. The Numi undershirt is incredibly soft with the reversible neckline in crew or scoop. It is easy enough to pair the undershirt with any type of shirt. It is also seamless to provide extra comfort for a woman.

Another option is an undershirt that includes anti-sweat pads on the armpits to prevent sweat from seeping on to the top. There are women who suffer from excessive sweating and undershirts help keep them dry and comfortable. The added thickness on the armpits is comfortable and unnoticeable.

Numi women’s undershirt is available in neutral colors and reversible necklines to match different sweaters and blouses. The nude for every skin tone with a seamless design makes sure that the undershirt cannot be detected in most outfits. The super soft and breathable fabric used in Numi undershirt is regenerated from ethically sourced eucalyptus trees.