Ian Chappell Attacks Cricket Australia’s Leadership

Bad corporate culture isn’t just inefficient, it’s outright destructive. That’s what corporate experts like Nadeem Shaikh Anthemis say, and it’s something that Australian cricket might learn the hard way.

A recent independent cultural review into the sport, released on October 29, which led to descriptions of the current administration, led by Chairman David Peever, as, among other terms, arrogant, dictatorial, and disrespectful, with Peever himself described as arrogant and underhanded, not only by Aussie sports enthusiasts and experts, but people from across the globe.

One new person grilling Chairman Peever was Leigh Sales, though Peever opted not to answer the question regarding whether or not he and the board should step down following the revelations by the paper.

Former Aussie cricket Captain, Ian Chappell, has followed suit, hitting out over the damning report, and even admitting that he has seen the arrogant side of the organization, saying that he understands why people call Peever and his government as arrogant. He says that there are plenty of good people in the organization, but the arrogant side definitely exists.

Chapper made his debut in Aussie cricket back in 1964, before retiring 16 years later, though he has observed that little has changed up top. He says that he had to deal with that side of the sport for four-and-a-half years when he acted as Captain, and says that he’s more than glad to have gotten out.According to Chapper, the decisions were not about the best interests of the game, but the bottom line.

Peever, however, maintained his hardline stance, catching many off guard by saying that he is the right man to lead Aussie cricket despite the review. He says that he accepts responsibility in South Africa, but he is confident that they can only move forward from this point.

Chappell says that, if Peeverwas really true to his word, he would’ve been gone. According to Chappell, Peever once said that Peever believe that the buck stops with him. He then leveled similar criticism to the rest of the board, saying that, instead of figuring out what’s wrong, need an independent body to tell them what is wrong.

He says that, if he were a captain like that, then he wouldn’t have lasted long. Chappell says that that is a reflection of the problem, in that the people at the top don’t understand the game.

Such a corporate culture, which many are describing as a joke, is not something that would be conducive for the long-term health of the organization. Topics like such are covered by people like Nadeem Shaikh Anthemis, and would definitely be worth considering, if only to compare the degenerative conditions.