Increase The Value Of The Home Through Art And Smart Technology

Projects like kitchen and bathroom renovations are tried and tested to increase the value of the property but they tend to be expensive. If you simply want to enhance your appreciation of the home, one of your best options is canvas art on the walls that is cost effective as well as fashionable. Wall décor does not necessarily need to be a Picasso painting that is worth millions of dollars to elicit an emotional response.

Meanwhile, if the idea is to increase the resale value of the property there are modern high tech options that can attract the interest of buyers. Many home buyers are now eager to shell out big money to be able to experience living in a smart home. Smart technology provides a homeowner with a safer, more convenient and efficient home even if there are no plans to sell.

Some of the more interesting smart technologies right now are smart detectors and sensors. More than enhancing the resale value of the home, smart detectors and sensors are investments for safety particularly since recent research results reveal that 3 out of 5 residential fire fatalities occurred because there were no smoke detectors.

Safety in the home must always be the priority.Many homebuyers are attracted by smart door locks that can be locked and unlocked from virtually anywhere. The homeowner need no longer hide a key at the bottom of the flower pot in the patio. There is always the assurance that the doors are securely locked.

Smart solar panels are now one of the fastest growing examples of recent technology. Even if it requires a rather substantial investment, the returns are undoubtedly worth the expense. Tremendous savings in energy can be generated not to mention minimizing the carbon footprints of the home. In terms of property values, solar panels can easily give a boost of about $15,000 or more.

Different sizes and designs of canvas art are available to suit the wall as well as the color scheme of the room. Canvas art with city or landscape views, contemporary and floral art, seascape or street views is also available in split panels to achieve a more personalized style.