India’s First Electric Motorcycle Due To Launch This Year

Tork Motorcycles isn’t new in the scene of electric motorcycle racing or in races like Isle of Man TTX-GP and TTX-GP Championship. It has been in the race circuit for almost 6 years. The Indian company already decided to start a venture in electric motorcycles, the first of its kind in its country. The company gave birth to T6X which is on the process of production and is due to be launched within the next few months in India.

The History of Tork Motorcycles

Kapil Shelke founded Tork Motorcycles. He is a mechanical engineer who studied in Pune University. He started the company in 2009. The goal of the company earlier on was to get their electric bikes to race in a number of respected races from across the globe. A few of their notable accomplishments include the podium finished during the 2009 Isle of Man TTX-GP and the 2010 TTX-FP Championship. While in 2012, they joined the 400 meter drag race at the Valley Run with their Yamaha FZ build electric motorcycle. The motorcycle recorded a time of 8.7 seconds in the 0-100 km/hr sprint.

Tork Motorcycles today

The company is now focusing its efforts on developing its first electric motorcycle in India with the hopes of having it run on the roads next year. According to Tork Motorcycles, the T6X will be like any 125cc bikes currently in the market. The bike will have a 100 km or more range better than other electric two wheelers in India. In addition, the top speed is set to be at 95km/h.

T6X’s build and other details

The bike’s powertrain along with its design, chassis and other body parts is built in-house by the company. The Motorcycle parts will be acquired from other parts manufacturers. CEAT Tyres is set to build custom tyres for their motorcycles. The bike will be chain driven. In addition, features like full digital display, quick charge, navigation and cloud connectivity are included.

Launching in Indian Cities

The electric bike is set to be launched in 5 of the major cities in India. It will initially be launched in New Delhi, Pune and Bengaluru. It will then be launched in Hyderabad and Mumbai after.