Innovative Paint Helps Cool Down Surfaces

Technology dominates the world these days that even commercial painters in Sydney are starting to feel its impact with the new innovative paints now available in the market. When one thinks about Greece, the image that comes to mind is rows upon rows of houses painted white. This is because white is known to reflect most of the rays of the sun back to the environment. This was the basis used by scientists in order to create a new wave of paint that employs passive radiative cooling materials that can rejects heat as well as sunlight. Majority of these paints are still not applicable to current walls and roofs of houses.

For the meantime, a team of researchers based in the United States developed a cooling paint that can be applied on any surface which will lower the temperature by around 6 degrees Celsius. According to Xiaobo Yin who is a material scientists working at the University of Colorado, the new innovation proves that there has been great progress in this specific field.

His team is the one responsible for creating the cooling plastic film with passive radiative properties. They founded a startup company called Radi-Cool in order to bring the product to the commercial market. Yin said that the new materials can help reduce heat a maximum of 15 per cent depending on the climate. He added that the number can make a big difference and could result to a substantial savings in electrical bills.

In comparison, white paints only reflect around 80 per cent of visible light while it UV rays and near-IR rays can still be absorbed by the building which leads to a rise in temperature. The new material, on the other hand, reflects almost a hundred percent of the sun rays and near-IR heat and even a percentage of the UV rays. The cooling paint contains substances that it makes it possible to radiate heat and convert it to a mid-IR light. The atmosphere allows the passage of mid-IR light thus excess heat does not warm the surrounding but is sent back to space. This innovation could be a breakthrough for commercial painters in Sydney as many building owners would want to change their coat of paint with the cooling paint.