Is Assange A Truth-Telling Journalist Or A Reckless Criminal?

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Is Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder a truth-telling journalist or a reckless criminal? A lawyer working on behalf the US authorities wants Assange tried on espionage charges The Australian computer expert is not just an ordinary criminal because the publication of hundreds of thousands of secret military documents has put many people at risk of torture and death.

According to James Lewis, a British lawyer that is representing the US government, journalism cannot be an excuse to commit criminal activities nor is it a license to break criminal laws. However, Assange’s lawyer countered the WikiLeaks publisher is just a victim of “lawlessness” which the US government wanted him to become an example.

Lawyer Edward Fitzgerald claimed that the inhuman conditions in the American prisons can put Assange at high risk of suicide. Assange was indicted in the US for 18 charges over the publication of classified documents. According to the prosecutors, Assange conspired with Bradley Manning, an analyst of the US Military Intelligence in cracking the password and hacking into the Pentagon computer. Secret diplomatic cables and military files associated to Iraq and Afghanistan wars were released.

James Lewis said that Assange is guilty of straightforward criminal activity when he tried to hack the Pentagon computer. The activities of WikiLeaks have placed US intelligence sources in Iraq and Afghanistan at risk of serious harm, torture or even death. Informants assisting the US have to be relocated after the leak.

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